Lottery Tickets in Option – Read for Expiry Lottery Call.

There is no better kick in trading then to buy a Call or a Put Option at 2-5 rs and sell it at 50 even if its just 1 lot. Also every expiry day or otherwise there are so many options which go up by 10/20/100/500 times.


If only you could get just one of it right every expiry. Isnt it ?


Did you come on to this link excited to find that multibagger call option ?


Yes – > You will be disappointed as there is none.


We all love to play lotteries if not we love to at least dream about it 😉 so dont be disheartened its a human trait.


I kind of love this quote


Trading often appeals to impulsive people, to gamblers, and to those who feel that the world owes them a living. If you trade for excitement, you are liable to take trades with bad odds and accept unnecessary risks. The markets are unforgiving, and emotional trading always results in losses.

---Alexander Elder, Trading for a Living


The basic premise of amateur traders is that one can double/triple their money quickly in trading or at least make 10-20-30% a month.


Making 20-40 % a year consistently with a big trending year is not really exciting compared to that expiry day thrilling option trade or a big 10x leverage intra-day position


Some chats i get on facebook/gtalk from new added friends/contacts


1) I want to make daily 5000 rs in trading.

2) I need to make just 20 points in Nifty trading daily.

3) Want to trade Nifty options.

4) Give me one good option buy call.

5) Where will Nifty expiry be today ?


and this continues.


This sort of premise also leads to flourishing of a lot of website advisors for options who try to pitch supernormal or rather supernatural returns !!


This is an example of what gets promised.


Trading capital 10,000 required.
More Than 200% profit per month
From 10,000 to 270,000 in 3 months
Accuracy of option tips more than 90%


HAHA 🙂 is the only answer.


Now lets look at the steps to an option lottery


1) You have some supernatural power or a tip giver.

2) You buy 1 lot at 5 rs.

3) Even if you get lucky will you hold it till 50/100 ?

4) How many times will you try to lose 5 rs ?

5) If you get it right will you buy 2/5 lots next time ?


Whatever be the end results the journey will be thrilling to the core with a lot of lottery hits and by end of it nothing much made or capital loss.


A better thing to do when you get such urges which will ultimately lead you to some capital losses given to the market-men.


1) Donate it to somebody needy rather than the rich counter party in the option ( yup sellers are smart and make money most of the times )

2) Donate it to somebody who does not need it but will bless you ( My account details are there on the site )

3) Give it to your family/friends or take a small trip off.

4) Enroll yourself for skill development so that urges dont come back.



If you still cannot stop it 🙂 Please do not buy more than a lot 🙂 and if u make money think of the steps above again 🙂


Also do ask yourself do you know what is IVs, delta, gamma, time decay etc


( even i dont 🙂 ) so i prefer to trade options rarely and if i do it is more of a strategy or calculated risks. Also tough to trade with terribly illiquid stock options otms. Its only Nifty and a few names which have liquidity.


If you dont know what is call/put and derivatives. its good !! dont google and read more on it 😉 It will be better for your financial health.


Anyways that was a lengthy and boring post with random thoughts. Do post in your comments 🙂


  1. Jay Jesrani
    November 26, 2014

    very well articulated to discourage people in lottery gambling! Cheers

  2. feltra
    December 12, 2014

    Thank God I have never been able to understand Options! But all derivatives? If one understands (or think they understand!) some TA, can’t they still play the Futures game? Assuming they have enough Margin Money to back 1 lot?

  3. ramesh jain
    March 14, 2015

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  4. ramesh jain
    June 26, 2015

    small capital niftyoption tips start stock trading depended tips

  5. Satbir
    May 26, 2016

    Perfect advice Nooresh.


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