Nifty Technical View – Bottoming out is a Process

This is a note that was sent to Technical Traders Club today in the morning. Expect a bottoming out but it wont be easy will test patience.


Reproducing the same.


Nifty RSI TT


-> RSI making positive divergences in last 3 bottoms.

-> RSI is at oversold levels similar to previous bottoms in last 1 year.

-> This is a classical divergence and low risk entry point for medium term.




-> A 38.2% retracement of the entire move from 6000 comes to 7900.

-> Trendlines from the lows of 5100/6000 has been marginally broken.

-> Shorter term trendline from recent lows gives a zone of 8000-8100 as support.


Dollex 30 tt


-> Dollex 30 has been one chart which has helped spot the major trend changes and supports in much easier way.

-> Dollex 30 closed at 3357 on Election Day. Also in the last 1 year it has made lows around the 3350-3400 mark.

-> All the lows equivalent to Nifty 7200/7540/7960 were closer to the 3400 mark.

-> Dollex 30 is now just 50-70 points away from this zone. Indicating a good entry point.

Strategy -

Medium Term and Positional Traders can buy Nifty at 8080/8120 and add if it dips to 7950-8000.

Stoploss a closing below 7880.

This could also be a good time to accumulate large cap stock with a medium to long term view. Will keep sending the top bets in coming days.

A non leverage trader can also buy Nifty BEES and Junior Bees.

All our midcap trades have sustained well in this correction. Continue to hold Alstom India, DCB Bank, KRBL, Welspun, Nesco, Avanti Feeds.


Lets hope markets move in the direction our money is placed !! Please do your own research and risk management. Consider above post as educational or timepass 🙂




Nooresh Merani

Securities covered above: Alstom India, DCB Bank, KRBL, Welspun, Nesco, Avanti Feeds

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  1. Adi
    May 15, 2015

    Perfectly explained that’s same thing I found on chart but after seeing your post I consider myself in right direction and got to learn it from you. Thank you.


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