Balaji Tele – Will it be a Breakout or False Breakout?

This is going to be an interesting trade which we have in Technical Traders Club

Balaji Tele has been one laggard and a deceiving stock for technical as well as fundamental investors/traders.

The last time i wrote about it it took a deep dive post a false breakout - Article in 2012  ( that gave a me a nice lesson on Value Traps )

One of the simple technical lessons i have learnt is - We are too bothered about False Breakouts. There is a Stoploss to take care of risk say at 5/10% would you like to miss a possible 30-40% upside only to avoid that few False Breakouts. Would rather focus on risk management.

This time around again the stock has given a good breakout above 78-80 a couple of days back. So yet again have initiated a buy at 78-80 irrespective of the past heartburns 🙂 Stops at 74 which will soon shift to 76

Balaji Tele Blog

  • Multiple tops at 78-80
  • Good base at 64 with multiple bottoms.
  • A 15 pointer range to start with.
  • Long term confirmation of further momentum on sustaining above 90 levels.
  • Can call this a channel or range breakout.
  • Fundamentally needs triggers in terms of management action/ stake sale of Star in co or something more.

Disclosure - I do have vested personal interests in all stocks i recommend as well as Clients. This has been recommended in Technical Traders Club. So please do your own research and risk management. Take this post as educational or timepass.

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