Technical Trades – August 2015 Report at Rs 2499

We have just released Technical Trades – August 2015 – A detailed report.

We did not release the monthly report for last 3-4 months as the number of opportunities were lesser and focus was towards coming out with actionable ideas for existing subscribers.

The following report is part of our service Technical Traders Club subscribers.

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What does Technical Trades – August 2015 report contain.

2 large cap ideas.

5 techno funda midcap idea.

5 micro caps - techno funda.

Will be sending the view on Nifty in the weekend.   - Subscribe the Report @ Rs 2499

Apart from these we will be sending a couple of more follow up e-mails to subscribers of the above report.

Alternatively you can also take Membership to Technical Traders Club for Half Yearly/Annual membership to get much more benefits. The above report comes as one of the benefits of Technical Traders Club Membership.

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Nooresh Merani

•Securities covered above: All in the above report

•SEBI Registration disclosure – Investment Adviser

•Financial Interest:

•Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts do have exposure in some of the securities mentioned in the above report/article.

•Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts do not have any financial interest/beneficial ownership of more than 1% in the company covered by Analyst.

•Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts have not received any compensation from the company/third party covered in the above report/article ever.

•Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts has not served as an officer, director or employee of company covered in the report/article and has not been engaged in market-making activity of the company covered in the report/article.

•The views expressed are based solely on information available publicly and believed to be true, assessed on Technical Analysis and view of the Author . Investors are advised to independently evaluate the market conditions/risks involved before making any investment decision

•Also read the detailed disclaimer –

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