Technical Trading – Hits and a Miss. Last 15 entries in Big Value 3.0

In this post I ll post some charts and how a trade was initiated. Some worked some did not. These are not recommendations and just for educational purpose. The post discusses some of the recent trades recommended in Technical Traders Club .

I have vested interests in the stocks put up on the blog and that implies a biased view.Please do your own research , risk management and consult your adviser.

NOCIL Limited

A good 20% bump and hopefully more to come.


  • Triangle breakout was above 50 levels.
  • Seeing increase in volumes took an anticipatory trade because the long term charts were also indicating a possible long term trend change.
  • Look at the big change in volumes in last 1 year on a 20 yr chart.
  • Booked partially at 61-62 and riding now for medium term.

nocil weekly

The chart now


Rajoo Engineers a quick 20% move and partial profits book and now riding for long term.

Rajoo Engineers

  • A classical cup and handle with a breakout into new 2-5 year highs.
  • Good volumes indicating accumulation
  • Partial profits booked at 24-25

The chart now

Rajoo now




A breakout which did not work out on expected lines with no follow up buying.

Finolex Cables

  • A good triangle breakout with decent price action.
  • Did not see follow up buying and volumes.
  • Now getting closed to a stoploss hit.

We also got another small stoploss hit in BPCL and then the stock moved up. Chart was posted recently on the blog here -

Current anticipatory trade before breakout.

Sonata Software

Sonata blog

  • Trying to breakout beyond the range of 130-175.
  • Needs to see follow up momentum above 175 with volumes.
  • The stock has been recommended in Technical Traders Club

Last 15 entries left for Analyse India Big Value 3.0 - Last date 12th December - limited members.

Analyse India Big Value 3.0 – A Funda-Techno product for Equity Investors -

•    A diversified portfolio of 40-50 stocks created over a period of 12-18 months. Recommendations with a brief note and regular updates on covered stocks as well as allocation.
•    Focus on finding good risk-reward entries in quality stocks using a mix of fundamental analysis for selection and technical analysis for timing.
•    There are no promised / expected /possible returns or possible loss / expected loss etc but the target is 20-30% annual returns along with beating the benchmarks by a good margin and to control risks more importantly.
•    Service to be renewed in 18 months and updates continue till all the stocks are booked in portfolio.
•    No short term trades/derivatives etc majorly investments.
•    Big Value 1.0 and Big Value 2.0 did around 30-40% CAGR.
•    Read more here -

For any queries regarding BIG Value 3.0 call Ankit 9899899989

Nooresh Merani

Securities covered above:: NOCIL, Rajoo Engineers, Finolex Cables, Sonata Software

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