Nifty Calculator October 2016 and Interesting Observations

Nifty Calculator


Nifty Calculator - Weightages as per 30th September 2016.


Quick Observations

Top 10 stocks = 52.51% of Nifty        This has seen a shift from 55-56% a few years back.

Top 20 stocks = 72.84% of Nifty       This has seen a shift from 75-78%

Top 5 stocks = HDFC Bank Ltd, Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.,I T C Ltd , Infosys Ltd., Reliance Industries Ltd. measure up to 33.57% of Nifty.


  • The weightages for the top 10/20 stocks has finally started drifting downwards.
  • Financials continue to remain the highest weighted sector at 31.5%. Private Banks command generally quote at high P-Es and with low weightage of PSU banks the Nifty P-E will look higher then usual.
  • Only two PSU Banks left in the Nifty and combined weight is only 3% !!!
  • IT sector has lost weightage due to under-performance. Infosys is now at 4th position from Number 1 a few months back.

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  1. Sagar Rathod
    October 12, 2016

    very good research


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