Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Technical Analysis Training Bangalore 4th -5th February 2017

Technical Analysis Training Bangalore

4th -5th February 2017

9 am to 6 pm

Venue :

Iris Hotel

70, Brigade Road,

Bangalore-560 025

Fees - Pay as much as you want.

Registration Fees = Rs 5000 ( Refundable )

This is how much you can pay

1) Ask for registration fees to be refunded if you do not like the course.

2) Pay anything above Rs 5000.

(You can pay in chq/neft/online/gift/blessings at the venue or anytime after the course. There is no upper limit to the payment:))

Entries on a first come first save basis. Batch size 20-30 participants.

Payment Link :

Also you can do a UPI Payment ( try its pretty fast ) and mail to

Mobile No - 9819225396

MMID - 9240905

Eligibility - A serious interest and intent to learning Technical Analysis to help you in your trading/investment decisions. It is 16 hours of attention followed by another month or two of practice to build confidence. If not interested there are better ways to spend time on a weekend.

Course Content -

New Benefits

1) You will be added to the Whatsapp Group of attending particpants. Can share charts / learnings and connect with other participants.

2) Lots of reading material.

Why a shift to "Pay as much as much as You Want " ?

Its been almost 10 years since we have been conducting Technical Analysis Training for participants. The plan to make such a shift was to be in May 2016 when I would complete 10 years of writing this blog. But why wait so much:)( first step towards being less lazy.)

Over the last couple of years frequency of training programs has reduced as more time and energy is spent on Advisory Services, Personal Investments/Trading, Exclusive services for HNIs and Family. Training is generally done on Weekends with more social functions / networking meets/ vacations its difficult to do it often. ( I dont like to blame my laid back attitude or Laziness )

Its an observation that people prefer Free Tips/Blogs / Apps/ Newspapers/ Business Channels and Advisory Services over learning analysis. Making a trader/investor independent by training is not a good proposition for a business as wellunless your are charging a bomb or some mentoring/coaching courses for a big fee.

We have realized that even increasing fees is a not easy as some people take it to be an expense but not a learning which will stay for your trading/investing journey( it easier to spend money to buy a Call/Put Option worth multiples of Training Fees) . The fees in 2006 was 14000 and is 16000 in 2016 ( only increase is taxes). Maybe the attraction is not there coz the impact of learning technical analysis cannot be seen right away like in a trading recommendation.

Above all Training on Technical Analysis has helped me personal evolve into a much calmer and composed trader/investor due to the enormous amount of learning from particpants. Have been able to make some really good friends too. Been extremely lucky to have got such amazing and diverse set of people who have attended the training programs. Would Thank each of the participants till date.

                             "If you want to master something teach it "

In this way will be able to teach whatever little I know on Technical Analysis and its application to as many people as possible and alongwith get better at using it profitably.

I plan to meet a lot of people/ learn from everyone and share the learnings as well in coming Financial Year:). Conducting training programs/seminars is just one of the ways to do that.

The plan is to conduct at least 6-12 Technical Analysis and some more on Investing Lab. Planning for one day Seminars as well for a larger audience.

All readers who have suggestions or would like to meet/consult even for professional advise can feel free to connect on

hangouts -

Twitter -

Mobile - 9819225396

If you would like to do such a training program in your city. do connect on above details so can start scheduling.

Article by Nooresh Merani

Nooresh has written 2800 articles.

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  • Amit Aggarwal January 19, 2017, 08:50

    Any plan to have session in Pune… Or in Mumbai in near future? I would love to join…


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