Probably – Vedanta back into Nifty & Idea just missed the exit- Nifty Calculator February 2017

Nifty Calculator December 2016


Quick Observations


Top 10 stocks = 52.03% of Nifty        This has seen a shift from 55-56% a few years back.

Top 20 stocks = 72.17% of Nifty       This has seen a shift from 75-78% a few years back

Interesting Observations

  • The top 10 stocks are equal to 52.03 % and top 20 stocks is equal to 72.17%. The concentration of weightage towards the top 10 and 20 is reducing since a couple of years now.
  • The highest weight in Nifty - HDFC Bank has a weightage of 8.22%. Earlier the top weight stock would have close to 10% weightage or more.
  • Infosys weightage has dropped from 6.7% to 5.89% a change of 0.81% in a month.

Nifty Index Exclusion/Inclusion - Rules

  • Index is re-balanced on semi-annual basis. The cut-off date is January 31 and July 31 of each year, i.e. For semi-annual review of indices, average data for six months ending the cut-off date is considered. Four weeks prior notice is given to market from the date of change
  • When a better candidate is available in the replacement pool, which can replace the index stock i.e. the stock with the highest free float market capitalization in the replacement pool has at least twice the free float market capitalization of the index stock with the lowest free float market capitalization
  • 5 changes can be made in a year.

As per the cutoff of 31st January

The announcement regarding the change in constituents should come in next few days. Also we could see changes in Nifty next 50 and other indices too.

Out of Nifty 50

Security Symbol
Free Float Market Capitalisation (Rs. Crores)



Entry in Nifty 50


Security Symbol
Free Float Market Capitalisation (Rs. Crores)



If this happens it would be interesting to note that Vedanta was excluded last year in April 2016. Price at that 65-75 is now at 250 !

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