Sector Leaders near Breakouts – UPL Limited, GAIL India, Balrampur Chini, Atul Limited

In this post we are looking at a few stocks which are either sector leaders/largest in terms of size in their sector and are very close to breakouts.

Rest of the names in the sector have already done a great move over past few months. Will these stocks show leadership or lag ?


  • The leader in the agro chemical space and now on verge of a triangle breakout above 750-755.
  • Quite a few attempts at that resistance in last few days

UPL Blog

GAIL India

  • At 6 year highs with 3 attempts.
  • Same bottoms at 200 odd.
  • Good consolidation near 370-410.

GAIL India Blog

Balrampur Chini

  • Highs of 2011 around the 150-160 mark.
  • Good consolidation recently around 145-160.

balrampur Chini Blog

Atul Limited

  • I would say in terms of specialty chemicals this is the only company which would really qualify to use the word Specialty and most of the other touted names are a little better than commodity. ( Personal View )
  • After a good consolidation for last few months consolidating at the all time highs of 2500 odd.

Atul Limited Blog


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