Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Analyse India Report August – Top Tweets, Posts, Charts, Analysis, Opinions etc

Starting a new series – The Analyse India Report

What will it contain ?

Top 10 best tweets or posts or Charts or a Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis Note or a Blog Posts. If you find something super interesting do mail us on

This will be 1-2 times a month. For now we are experimenting with the format.

So starting the first draft through a public post to get more feedback

The Previous Post in this series – Can read here 

Top Tweets/Posts/Charts/Analysis and Opinions.


2) Employee Expenses down aggregate 5% – by Balaji Vaidyanathan

3) Home Loand Rates at 15 year lows – Real Estate Cycle to turn in 2 years ? – By Pankaj Tibrewal


4) Thread on Bollinger Bands by Prashant Shah –

Link - 




5) Stock Thread – Deccan Cements – Phoenix Capital

Link - 

6) The High PE RATIO – by Harish Krishnan

:Link - 

8) Seven Things to check in Cash Flow from Investing Activities

Blog Post - 

9) P-E Ratio – Bhavin Gandhi

10) JC Parets at Edelweiss Conference 

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