Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh

Equity and Technical Research–Tips and Tricks

Starting a new Youtube Video Series.

Equity and Technical Research – Tips and Tricks.

This a new series for which most of the videos will be made by my team mate – Harsh Doshi. 

We will be explaining the various utilities, softwares and sources which can help in Equity Research and Technical Research.

Hopefully every week we will be able to cover few interesting tips and tricks. Do send in your suggestions to

Video 1 – Export to Excel in

A special thanks to Ayush Mittal and Pratyush Mittal to be running this website. Amazing and it keeps improving day by day.

Equity Research Tips and Tricks - by Nooresh Merani - Analyse India

In this Video - Harsh Doshi from Analyse India explains how to use the Export to Excel Feature in

A very well designed template by Vishal Khandelwal -

An interesting template by Rudra Chowdhury which converts data to amazing charts. For more such updates follow us via whatsapp,email,telegram through


Video 2 – How to Put Price Alerts for Breakout Stocks in Google Sheets

Trading Tips and Tricks by Nooresh Merani - Analyse India

In this video, Harsh Doshi from Analyse India explains a very simple way to put price alerts in Google Sheets for stocks on your tracking list for a breakout or breakdown.


Brief Video on Product Offering – Online Video Course and Analyse with Me -

After receiving a lot of inquiries,Have created a small video explaining the course offerings

Online Technical Analysis Video Course

Analyse With Me – A Practical Approach to Technical Analysis

Advisory Services

Technical Traders Club

QuickGains F&O -

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