Nifty50 Equal Weight Relative Strength – Time to Avoid Top Large Caps of Nifty50 ?

In our previous post on 15th February 2021

Nifty at 15000 – Stop looking at March 2020 lows. Time for Broader Markets to Outperform ?

This is what was written


  • Time to be Stock Specific and watch for New Sector Rotations.
  • MicroCaps,Smallcaps, Midcaps - Time to be selective here and maybe avoid largecaps for the short term.

Since then the Nifty is down 3-4% and still away from the recent highs. Smallcaps/Midcaps Indices have made new highs and Indicesare higher by 2-5%. Select stocks have made much bigger moves.

Now what we see is even the Nifty 50 Equal-Weight has finally started to outperform the Nifty50 after 3 years.

Nifty50 Equal-Weight - Holding on Strong near recent highs. 


Nifty50 Equal-Weight / Nifty 50 - Relative Strength after 3 years. 

Since 2018 the Nifty made 3-4 new highs but most other benchmark indices underperformed namely  - Nifty 500, Nifty Smallcap, Nifty Midcap, etc

Finally, the Nifty50 Equal-Weight is showing relative strength and outperformance.

The last 3 years were about Large Heavyweights Outperforming and everything else underperforming.  Are we looking at a period where HeavyWeights take a Back Seat and everything else Outperforms?


  • Large HeavyWeights of Nifty50 could now start underperforming even the smaller Nifty50 Weights.
  • Time to avoid the Top 5-10 weights of the Nifty and focus on the rest of the Nifty and even Micro-Caps/Smallcaps/Midcaps.

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