April Cool–What Not to do Financial Resolutions! Webinar on Sunday.

A few years back I did a April Fool Post.

‪#‎Nifty‬ headed to 4500 in this year. ‪#‎BankNifty‬ 8000 ‪#‎RBI ‬to hike rates by 100 bps in this year.




No April Fool Post this year but a time pass post.

WHY Make Financial Resolutions ?

A Physical Fitness Resolution, Work-Life Balance Resolution and every other Resolution requires one to do a lot of things.

Good Financial Resolution is all about What Not to Do !!


What Not to Do Financial Resolutions in 2021. ( Timepass )

  • Do not talk to your Relationship Manager.
  • Do not talk to your Insurance Agent, Distributor.
  • Say No to Debt. Do not give Debt or Take one.
  • Make a Do Not Buy List!!
  • Say no to Second, Third, Fourth. Say No to the Second House, Second Car, Second Laptop etc. Most of us do not need it.
  • Retirement Plan – Do not Pray for a Long Life. Find something where you do not need to Retire.


A Simple but the Toughest Resolution.


“ Just Earn Earn a Lot More “


A Motto to go with.


“ Dont Worry About Spending, Worry about Earning”


Work Hard, Work Smart, Work Ethically, Keep Work-Life Balance but Try Earning a Lot More is the Best Financial Resolution.


So I just fooled myself into thinking I can write a good post !



A good Data Point for April Month – Smallcaps are generally up in April. 




Over the last many years April has been a good month for Smallcaps. Time to focus on Smallcaps.


Announcements – Webinar – Technical Analysis for Investors.


Technical Analysis For Investors

Date : 4th April 2021
Time : 3 p.m.

Fees = Rs 250.



Finvents Event

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