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Sensex to touch 23000 in 2013 and Nifty to touch 5500 in 2013

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I dont mean to be funny by the above statement but you never know two different firms may say this !!   Over the next few weeks ( or for the last few weeks ) you would be reading or hearing Nifty to touch 6600 or Sensex to touch 23000 [...] – Stock Investing simplified for retail investors

In Random Thoughts

  I am glad to review which is amongst the very few sites in India that focus wholly on Fundamental Analysis of stocks without much of Jargon :).I found this site among the best for investors who want to create wealth from stocks by staying invested in the right [...]

Nifty and Sensex – Stop Guessing the Bottom !!

Of late many of us have been talking about the Index and a good feeling comes is that Nifty and Sensex have just fallen 25% since 2008 or 2011 highs which is not really bad.   Everyone around the street is taking their best guess on the where would Nifty/Sensex [...]

Sensex – In Investment Zone Buy staggered in Quality Stocks !!

Although i have been consistently posting about staggered buying and then updating to book the same in the past many swings in the market but today will try to look into a simpler chart on weekly basis. If we look at the chart we have lot of supports at 15400 [...]

Insider Trading – Will give good insights

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Generally its consider to be good if Insiders or Promoters buy into their own stock through creeping acquisition. At the same time promoter selling would be a negative signal. But one needs to look at it in a more regular manner to get an idea.   We will try to [...]

The problem of Buy Above and Sell Below !!! – Technical Analysis is about Understanding Trends not Numbers or Price Points

This is a standar way of answering by Amateur Technical Analysts and tends to confuse a lot of traders and investors.   Let us look why   Question – How does Reliance look on charts ? Answer – Buy above 900 and sell below 850.   Question – What does [...]

Why is it easier to predict a Crash !! — Is it a time to get Ready for the next Big Rally in the next few years ??

We have recently started seeing a lot of broking firms, financial advisors, analysts and everyone on the street is calling for a major crash and a worse then 2008 scenario. Many even going to the extent of calling it a systemic crisis, catastrophe, currency failures, sovereign failures and every thing [...]

Is Warren Buffet a Bank :)

This is just a factual take at the recent loan given by Warren Buffet to Bank of America   The terms have been simple as before   1) Berkshire will get 50,000 preferred shares that carry a dividend of 6% a year and are redeemable at a 5% premium. 2) [...]

This condition led to a 20% rally in the 500 index, 5 times in the past 10 years….Different this time around?

A good article by Chris Kimble –    I am not a Bull nor a Bear…just attempting in these unique times to provide research that can "assist investors to enlarge their portfolios regardless of market direction." Below is a pattern that looks to have influenced the S&P 500 to rally [...]

Screener – Low Delivery Percentage Stocks – Possible Circular Trading Stocks – Elder Pharmaceuticals,

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Before i go into how a low delivery percentage can be a good screener to understand high risk stocks or speculative built up , circular trading and so on lets look into what it means. Delivery Percentage or percentage Delivery marked-   Let us understand it through an example.   [...]