Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Smallcaps can be Brutal if you are not Careful.

In Sunday Thoughts

Around 5-6 months had written this article – BSE Smallcap Index and Nifty/Sensex–Momentum Divergence–How long can it continue ? cautioning about the craziness in smallcaps even though we were riding on the same. A paragraph from the above post. “For now the kind of momentum in smallcaps is like a [...]

BSE Smallcap Index and Nifty/Sensex–Momentum Divergence–How long can it continue ?

In Sunday Thoughts

BSE Indices are not tracked as much and we find BSE Smallcap as the best indicator for looking at froth/momentum in the markets. The reason to look at it is because it has the lowest of the smallcaps and is not limited by no of stocks like Nifty Small 100. [...]

Buying when Private Equity wants to Sell and Go Away !!

In Sunday Thoughts

Over the years we have been searching for unusual themes and frameworks for looking out for investment ideas with triggers. We have earlier looked into – Chor Bane Mor – A few years back when used to be little scared to talk about it and now it has become [...]

Podcast/Interview with MoneyControl on my Trading/Investing Journey

In Sunday Thoughts

Recently got profiled by Shishir Asthana of Moneycontrol on my strategy of Trading/Investing. The interview links. Its in 3 parts. 1)  How a software engineer traded his way to financial freedom   2)   Key learning from 2008 crisis was to cut down on my leverage: Nooresh Merani “2007 was a [...]

Nifty/Sensex in Dollar Terms now 5% from the 2008 highs.

In Sunday Thoughts

I keep looking at NSE Indices a lot more than BSE indices and since Defty ( Nifty in dollar terms) is no more updated live by NSE and more so end of day. There was a time when Nifty Defty had a derivative contract too. But both the indices Dollex [...]

Flows to Floats –A heady Cocktail in the Making–Better to Ride than to Time.

In Sunday Thoughts

Had made this presentation in end of April 2017. Could not share it before. The same presentation now with updated data as of June 2017. Below is the old note on 28th April 2017. Flows to Float – A heady Cocktail in the Making – Better to Ride than to [...]

Doubled your Money in Last 3 Years ? Skill or Luck ?

In Sunday Thoughts

Nifty has hit a new all time highs and so have other benchmark indices. There are a lot of advisers , AMCs, PMS companies , individual investors etc are boasting about their returns. A lot of them have something to either sell or to  show off   ( Yours truly [...]

Better things to do than Trading for a Thrill !!

That is not a line you expect from someone who is trading for a decade or more   I have been in trading/advising/training/investing for the last 10 years and have interacted with thousands of traders/investors from different educational backgrounds/cities/countries etc. There are some set of Traders for whom this line [...]

Mutual Funds, SIP Calculator & Multibaggers–Google Trends

In Sunday Thoughts

This is one tool by google which i keep playing with once in a while to get the pulse of what people are searching for on the internet. The last time I posted an article on this topic was a top for smallcaps for short term and a good correction [...]

Double in 3 years and 10x in 10 years– Every Investor Wants? Is it going to be Difficult or Impossible ?

In Sunday Thoughts

This is a quick post and more a post to get views from various readers. So there are more questions than answers or conclusions ? These are random ramblings on a Free Evening on a Saturday ( Have been writing such posts under a category – Sunday Thoughts ) Section [...]