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Nifty Earnings–The Perfect Sher Aaya Story.

In Technical Analysis

Do read the previous post Nifty at 40 PE. Sell Everything and Run Away !! We try to look at the Nifty and the Markets from different perspectives in the Post.   First, we start with where the Markets are today. We look at 3 indices. We try to compare [...]

Nifty at 40 PE. Sell Everything and Run Away !!

In Technical Analysis

What do you think about the above Headline? Wow nicely framed for clickbait. Or is that what you want to read given the roaring market. The economy is still not Up and Running 100%  but Nifty is now very close to 100% from Covid lows. ( The Headline was supposed [...]

Interesting Charts – Mangalore Chemicals , Sterling Wilson, Bodal Chemicals, DIC India, Nelcast, ITD Cementation.

In Technical Analysis

Quite a few breakouts from our last post -Maithan Alloys and Amrutanjan. Disclosure – Some of the stocks covered below would have been recommended in Technical Traders Club.  Mangalore Chemicals – Good breakout and seems the selling from IT Department is over. Covered in our Stock Story in Insider Trading [...]

Smallcaps at Multiple Tops – Amrutanjan, Mayur Uniquoters, Maithan Alloys, La Opala Glass

In Technical Analysis

Some interesting stock chart formations to keep on radar Amrutanjan – Multiple Tops at 530.  Mayur Uniquoters – Multiple Tops at 310.  Maithan Alloys – The Big Resistance at 600.  La Opala Glass – Multiple Tops at 245-250.    Online Technical Analysis Video Course Subscription Link –   Rs 6000 1 [...]

Midcaps at Multiple Tops–Dabur India, Sun TV,Zee Ent, Bharat Electronics.

In Technical Analysis

A few midcaps with very identical patterns of multiple attempts at the same resistance. In coming weeks and months could be potential breakout candidates. Dabur India – Multiple Tops at 520-535  Sun TV – Multiple tops at 500-520. Zee Ent – Multiple attempts at 230-235. Also previous support zone. Bharat [...]

Nifty Cracks 400 points –What Next ?

In Technical Analysis

Nifty in last few months. Nifty had a one way move from 11550-11600 to 13770 without a 3% dip from peak to bottom. Everyone had been looking at a pause or a crack and the market kept overshooting. This is my post in early November – Nifty50– 12800-13000 a Pause [...]

Video–Dollar Index and Nifty50 Co-Relation.

In Technical Analysis

Dollar Index and Nifty50 Co-Relation. Looking at from 3 perspectives 1) Short Term Co-Relation 2) The Clean Bull Market Rallies when Co-Relation is Strong. 3) The Long Term Chart of Dollar Index and what can unfold in the Future for India and other Emerging Markets. Starting a new Batch – [...]

Smallcap Charts–Murudeshwar, Ugar Sugar, AdorWelding, ISGEC Heavy, Ultramarine Pigments, GIPCL, Welspun India, PTC India

In Technical Analysis

Disclosure – Some of the stocks below have been recommended in Technical Traders Club , In some we are biased with personal vested interests. So please do your own research and risk management. Smallcaps/Microcaps can have sharp up and down moves. We have seen a lot of interesting MicroCap Insider [...]

Interesting Charts–Some PSUs- BHEL, Powergrid, BPCL, Bharat Electronics. Insider Trading Report.

In Technical Analysis

PSUs have been a laggard for the last many many years and some for decades. Before I start this post. Disclosure – We have recommended a PSU Basket in Technical Traders Club  buy in November and already booked a few and hold a few. It was one good 30% trade [...]

Nifty Technical View–A Broad Rally Finally. Continue to be Stock Specific/Sector Specific.

In Technical Analysis

A quick technical take on Nifty   NIFTY Daily Chart The current move has picked up speed. A Doji Candlestick. Lows at 13310. If we close below that it would be a first indication of reversal with a stop at 13435. A bigger trend reversal below 3 days low at [...]