Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Guess the Stock Chart ?

In Technical Reports

This is one of the stocks recommended in our recent report –   Technical Trades – December 2013 –     If you would like to know the stock subscribe to the report for just Rs 699  – ( You just have one day to subscribe it )   [...]

Technical Trades – December 2013 and a 30% discount coupon – At Rs 699

In Technical Reports

Hi,   We expect the next few weeks to be very stock specific and a lot of interesting trade possibilities.   We have discussed quite a few of our high conviction trade setups in the following report.   In this report we would try cover the best possible trading setups [...]

Technical Trades – A detailed Report – Buy Now at Rs 999 !!

In Technical Reports

  The Nifty is in kissing distance of the 2008 highs at 6357. But what is surprising is that volumes have not been on the supporting side in the last move from 5700 to 6200. On a long term seasonal basis what we have seen is November-Jan is generally a [...]