Technical Analysis of Indian Equities by Nooresh


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Jet airways for money only ….

In Technical Analysis

Jet Airways Not my favourite stock but evry1 is in da market for money … Is it change of fortunes ( not ruled out yet )… or bounce on cards … watver be it above 640 tgt 670 and 700 +++ … buy for trading … no funda value… if [...]

Mahindra gesco to cum out of consolidation

In Technical Analysis

MAHINDRA GESCO another real estate play looks as if will break above 835 soontgt 900 ++ on break …pure trading pick .. can play as much as u want..

Noida toll long term bet short term gain poss

In Technical Analysis

breakout above 42 to tgt 50 soon … watchout…

Dewan housing another realty on run..

In Technical Analysis

Dewan housing flag breakout .. swing pick for a week tgt 79-84,…

piramyd retail quick gain

In Technical Analysis

Piramyd Retail looks good towards bottom of channel … stoploss 98 take a delivery call .. tgt 120 soon .. . going cheap …

Ankur drugs Break out …

In Technical Analysis

Ankur drugs is one stock which reliance cap n other funds hav been holding for a long time yr now .. good stock excellent fundas .. now technical breakout buy 60% of ur capacity and add on declines for long to medium term day traders can also play for circuit…

Lnt Repeat to remind u alll

In Technical Analysis

Larsen & Toubro evryones favourite.. ppl goin for infra stocks this is the biggest in alland safest of all …All set to come in eyes of investors on break of 1350 go for it tgt 1450++gem of a stock…

Micro technology

In Technical Analysis

See how technical analysis worksRepeat stock which dint break 225 then seems solid for break now …shud close above 220 for a couple of days aor sustain above 225 tgt 260+++gr8 fund buying done good fundas best future sector… nice investment also long term …

Some good stocks… .

In Technical Analysis

Sorry no charts no time .. neways if u ppl like da writeups write in some commentsITD cement overcorrected … Please fundamental people keep a check on thsi counter n lemmeknow if u hav done some real in depth analysis…SKUMARs i like the stock can move up netime play big [...]

GAIL invest bottom channel

In Technical Analysis

As i had shown the chart of HLL earlier at bottom of channel…HLL bounced back frm 230 -225 levels to 255 levels in a week or so..Similarly the chart of GAIL seems to be bottoming out keep a stoploss of 245 on closing .. n buy for a tgt of [...]